Dell PowerEdge Server Recovery For Businesses

dellsvrA server is a computer system that operates as a client-server model which means that it facilitates programs, software and other commands between the client computer and the server resource. Servers are necessary for corporations and small businesses that provide a computer services for clients or employees. Servers allow for these clients or employees access to a common operating system with individual accounts for each computer user. Because of these reasons, when a server experiences a hard drive crash or malfunction, a lot of data can be at risk for loss or corruption. It is generally a top priority for companies to recover this data for either clients or employees, or both.

Dell PowerEdge is a brand of servers that is made available by the computer technology company Dell, a company that has been recognized as one of the top PC-selling brands in the world. Their line of servers are sold to businesses and corporations internationally and are therefore ubiquitous with business owners. The PowerEdge servers use RAID (redundant array of independent disks) array to enhance the performance of the client computers while also using a series of algorithms to store data created by the hard drives of each computer. While RAID is not an ideal data backup system it can act as one in the event of server malfunction or system crash but it takes a computer technician to restore and recover the lost data.

There are several companies that specialize in RAID 5 and 6 (the most common levels of RAID used for business servers) data recovery:

Hard Drive Recovery Group is another data recovery company that specializes in Dell PowerEdge Server RAID recovery and will create new software if necessary to retrieve your data. They offer a free evaluation of your data loss situation and employ computer engineers who are knowledgeable and experienced with RAID 5 recovery. They suggest that as soon as you recognize RAID failure to Continue reading

How a Raid 10 Recovery Can Save Your Company

raid10sysWhat happens to your company if you lose all of your valuable data? Studies have shown that companies who experience a hard drive loss or failure will close their doors within a year. Your company is your love, your life. You cannot afford to lose it. If you have employed a RAID 10 (or a RAID 1+0) to hold your valuable data, the chances that something has gone wrong are very rare. But I guess since you are here, it means something has gone wrong.

RAID is a technology that is used to increase the performance and reliability of data storage. What is a RAID 10? It is a method of storing information on multiple hard drives for better protection and in some cases performance. RAID 10 is fast and crashproof, but it uses a significant amount of disk space. RAID 10 works by mirroring your data across at least two disks, and chunks of data can be read and written to different disks simultaneously. But what do you do if you need to recover it?

RAID 10 systems are highly reliable, but not entirely foolproof. RAID 10 systems can lose data due to physical or logical events. With proper system maintenance, data loss is relatively uncommon.

Some of the most common failure scenarios for a RAID 10 include:

  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures Due to Power Surge or Other Event
  • RAID Controller Damage
  • Single Hard Drive Failure After Mirroring Issue

It’s the End of the World as I Know it, and I Feel Fine

hdcIt’s happened. Your computer hard drive has completely bit the dust. It won’t even make grinding noises at you as you try in vain to turn your computer on. That’s it, isn’t it? Your digital world is over. Everything must be lost. All your files, you pictures, your music. Gone. Before you slip into a complete mental breakdown, take a deep breath. Sit up straight. There is hope!

When your hard drive crashes it can feel like your world is ending but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. There are several do-it-yourself options that you can try depending on the problem your hard drive faced before its demise. If you aren’t confident in your technical skills, don’t worry. There are services out there that can help you recover your data.

One such service is provided by a company called Hard Drive Recovery Group. Touted as one of the best in the business their customer service outshines the rest. This company does their best to remove your stress and worry about your files and will even go so far as to give you a detailed and free evaluation. This is a real nugget because if you want to make sure you are paying proper price getting a free estimate tells you exactly what they think is wrong with your machine and how much it will cost to fix that. You can then take that estimate to other companies, if you want …

RAID 10 Recovery: How It Can Help Your Business

raid10When it comes to your business you want to make sure your information is as protected as possible. You want to ensure that your data is constantly backed up and that you have a plan in case you suddenly suffer a hard drive failure. You also want to have a plan if your servers go down or your internet bites the dust.

Your plans may include online storage and automatic backing up of all your information: your files, your music, your photos. Your plans may be to have a main server and a backup server in case the first one gets a hiccup. Heck, you may even have a generator in your basement to make sure you can still work even if the power goes off for some reason.

There are many ways to protect yourself and one of those ways is by using a RAID 10 configuration. The RAID 10 configuration consists of a striped set of mirrored hard drives that administrators should have an easier time maintaining. RAID servers are usually designed the way they are is because they tend to contain really important data.

By having your data set up in a RAID 10 you can employ a system of smaller hard drives in place of one larger hard drive. This might sound a bit silly at first. Wouldn’t you want to keep all your information on one? It seems like it would make more sense …

RAID Repair: How could this happen to me?

raidrepairYou didn’t think it could happen to you. Your RAID array has failed, and you have lost all your data. What do you do now? You can first relax and breathe in almost 96% of the cases of a RAID data loss, have been recovered.

Data recovery can be a delicate business, and few places can tackle the job of a RAID repair as quickly, safely and securely than Salvage Data.

RAID stands for redundant array of independent disks. It is a group of hard drives that work together to reduce the chance of data loss, however in some cases; it can fail. Salvage Data places the utmost importance on the data that is entrusted in their care. With the highest security protocols and cleanroom standards, you know that you will get the best service in the nation.

When you are looking for a RAID repair service, it is crucial to find one with the technical expertise to restore your data, and, of course, your security should be their biggest concern. Salvage Data was the first and only North American firm to hold both ISO 9001 quality control and SOC 3 security certifications, which means they follow strict practices to protect the privacy and security of your data. This involves background checks on their employees and 24-hour monitoring service at their facilities.

They have two decades of experience, with a proven track record of successful results. Their server systems …

The Perks of PERC

dellpesvrIt’s been a long time since I’ve worked in a job that doesn’t use a computer of some sort. Even the smallest jobs require data entry or the use of cash registers or some other form of technology. It’s everywhere and those who aren’t able to use it are going to fall behind.

With the increase of technology older methods of data keeping are falling by the wayside. No longer are offices filled to the brim with filing cabinets and bookcases. When people go to meetings they are more likely to grab their smartphone or tablet instead of a pen and notebook. People are less inclined to meet in person and people are now able to share information and hold meetings with those on the complete opposite side of the world.

Even though the filing cabinets and the bookcases are gone the need for storage space has not dwindled, it has just taken on a new form. Businesses have traded their cabinets for servers and have cut back on their office assistants in favour of technical assistants. There are a variety of setups for servers which allow people to access and upload information faster than before. One such configuration can be done with Dell PowerEdge servers. They are a bit special not only because they are Dell, which is a beast all its own, but also due to the controller it uses. Dell calls the controller the PowerEdge RAID …

That Feeling When You Lost Your RAID, But Found It Again

raidcThe world now is far more digital than it used to be. We do everything through our smartphones or computers and it’s more common to text each other than actually calling each other on the telephone. Business partners can work together from opposite sides of the world at the same time thanks to the progresses of technology. People store a vast majority of their documents, photos and videos online which also makes it easy to share the information with friends and family all over the world. While these progresses are wonderful and can help businesses speed up their productivity, when these same technologies fail, it can bring everything to a grinding halt.

A lot of businesses use servers to keep their production running smoothly. These are usually housed in that closet you’re not supposed to go into unless you’re the fancy tech support person. The benefits of servers allow employees or just those connected to them to upload and download information and documents much faster than if you were just trying to get it from a singular computer. Imagine ten people connected to the same hard drive. Now all ten of those people are trying to upload or download information at the same time. The routes would be clogged with requests and it would end up taking forever to do that.

Businesses that employ servers have them set up in a RAID formation. This means there are several hard …

How to Find Your Data Again

raidfailThere’s no doubt that technology is advancing with every second of every day. Around the world there are researchers looking to develop the newest cellular device, advancement in medicine, which smartwatch company is on the rise and why the hell people love to watch cats on the internet. With the increase of technology businesses have had to adapt to the changes for risk of being left behind. Larger companies with more money and more staff have been able to stay afloat. Smaller companies have been consumed in the wave of technology and lost to the depths of the digital era.

As businesses advance they are looking for ways to increase their productivity. This can include digitizing the entire process, upgrading computers and software to the newest editions as well as updating servers to handle the new load.

A common server set up is RAID which employs the use of multiple hard drives that allow users to access their stored information faster and allow them to update that same information quickly. There are a variety of set ups and some use mirroring and others stand alone. The important part is that this is the future and with every futuristic thing it can be prone to issues. Nothing is impervious to failure and there will be times that the hard drives that make up the RAID will fail. They can be logistical or physical failures but the fact is that they can …

Best Mac Data Recovery Software

macdrsoftMac personal computers (PC) are a model of computers designed by Apple products, a company known for creating complex operating systems and using advanced processors. Mac computers function slightly differently than most other PCs like Microsoft, Dell, or HP, and must be handled differently when repair is necessary. In the event of data loss or corruption, Mac computers require a different method of recovery because of their complexity. Data loss can happen for a variety of reasons; either physical damage to the hard drive from water, dropping or hitting, power surges and overheating or non-physical damage like virus corruption, overwritten files and a reformatted hard drive. When data loss is due to physical damage, data must be recovered by a computer technician who understands data recovery like those employed by several reputable data recovery companies. However, if the damage is non-physical, recovery is possible at home by most computer users, although there are risks involved.

Software, often free, is available for download and can guide you through rebuilding your hard drive in order to recover your lost data. If used incorrectly, data can be corrupted beyond retrieval so you should be fairly confident in your knowledge of your computer before attempting any at home data recovery. A few well-reviewed data recovery software programs are listed:

EaseUs is a data recovery wizard, software and easy-to-follow guide, that is available for Mac computers. A free trial is offered before …