Best Mac Data Recovery Software

macdrsoftMac personal computers (PC) are a model of computers designed by Apple products, a company known for creating complex operating systems and using advanced processors. Mac computers function slightly differently than most other PCs like Microsoft, Dell, or HP, and must be handled differently when repair is necessary. In the event of data loss or corruption, Mac computers require a different method of recovery because of their complexity. Data loss can happen for a variety of reasons; either physical damage to the hard drive from water, dropping or hitting, power surges and overheating or non-physical damage like virus corruption, overwritten files and a reformatted hard drive. When data loss is due to physical damage, data must be recovered by a computer technician who understands data recovery like those employed by several reputable data recovery companies. However, if the damage is non-physical, recovery is possible at home by most computer users, although there are risks involved.

Software, often free, is available for download and can guide you through rebuilding your hard drive in order to recover your lost data. If used incorrectly, data can be corrupted beyond retrieval so you should be fairly confident in your knowledge of your computer before attempting any at home data recovery. A few well-reviewed data recovery software programs are listed:

EaseUs is a data recovery wizard, software and easy-to-follow guide, that is available for Mac computers. A free trial is offered before purchasing the software which costs $89.95. The process is very simple, taking only 3 steps until data recovery is complete. All types of files can be recovered from all types of malfunction or user error including virus, overwrite, file or drive corruption and more. They have over 10 years of experience and have software compatible with all Mac operating systems. EaseUs is highly reviewed and has been purchased by millions of customers.

WonderShare is a company that offers a software similar to EaseUs but provides 4 recovery options for your data recovery. There is a “Lost File Recovery” option for files deleted from the trash bin or files corrupted by reformatting. There is also a deeper scan option called “Raw Recovery” as well as “Partition Recovery” for data loss cause by a corrupted partition. The process can also be paused and imported back to your computer at a later time if you need to leave in the middle of the recovery. Data can be recovered from all Mac devices with this software, not only from a computer but also iPod, digital camera, USB or anything else that has transferred data through your computer. This also comes with a free trial period and costs $89.95.

Stellar Data Recovery is another data recovery software that has options specifically designed for Mac computers. It is user-friendly and also begins with a free trial to ensure the software is right for your data recovery needs. Stellar Data Recovery costs a little more than some other data recovery software but has many additional options that the other don’t include. It can be used with any Mac external hard drive for data recovery as well as your Mac PC. The software is also capable of creating a mirror image of your hard drive that can be used as a data backup solution in the event of a physical hard drive crash where the software would not be effective. It is able to bypass encrypted hard drives, as long as the password is known, and can even be used to recover data from damaged CDs and DVDs. The cost is $99.00 and has a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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