Dell PowerEdge Server Recovery For Businesses

dellsvrA server is a computer system that operates as a client-server model which means that it facilitates programs, software and other commands between the client computer and the server resource. Servers are necessary for corporations and small businesses that provide a computer services for clients or employees. Servers allow for these clients or employees access to a common operating system with individual accounts for each computer user. Because of these reasons, when a server experiences a hard drive crash or malfunction, a lot of data can be at risk for loss or corruption. It is generally a top priority for companies to recover this data for either clients or employees, or both.

Dell PowerEdge is a brand of servers that is made available by the computer technology company Dell, a company that has been recognized as one of the top PC-selling brands in the world. Their line of servers are sold to businesses and corporations internationally and are therefore ubiquitous with business owners. The PowerEdge servers use RAID (redundant array of independent disks) array to enhance the performance of the client computers while also using a series of algorithms to store data created by the hard drives of each computer. While RAID is not an ideal data backup system it can act as one in the event of server malfunction or system crash but it takes a computer technician to restore and recover the lost data.

There are several companies that specialize in RAID 5 and 6 (the most common levels of RAID used for business servers) data recovery:

Hard Drive Recovery Group is another data recovery company that specializes in Dell PowerEdge Server RAID recovery and will create new software if necessary to retrieve your data. They offer a free evaluation of your data loss situation and employ computer engineers who are knowledgeable and experienced with RAID 5 recovery. They suggest that as soon as you recognize RAID failure to shut down the server and create a copy of your hard drives by removing them and inserting them in a different computer. Software must be used to create a mirror copy of the data contained on the drives. If this is not an option, simply call HDRG and their technicians can help walk you through the process. The drives must be shipped to their Irvine data recovery lab where they can be repaired in a certified cleanroom, ensuring no further damage is caused. They guarantee a “no fix, no fee” policy so that in the event that your RAID cannot be repaired there is no cost charged.

Hard Disk Recovery Services is another data recovery company that offers services specifically designed for Dell Computer PowerEdge server models and boast a 90% success rate. Additionally, they boast a 100% Recovery guarantee which means that when data is recovered, all of your data will be recovered with no files missing. They offer free evaluations and follow a “no data, no charge” policy that saves you from paying fees even in the unlikely event that your data is irretrievable. HDRS is fully authorized and recommended by Dell in providing Dell PowerEdge server data recovery so you know that their engineers are well-experienced. Their technicians operate within a Class 5 cleanroom which greatly reduces the risk of causing further damage to your disks. Opening your hard drives at home is heavily discouraged because of the amount of dust particles that can scratch the surface of your drives. Data can be retrieved between 5 and 15 business days but the company also offers an option for expedited data loss recovery meaning the technicians will work continuously until your data is recovered, regardless of lab hours.

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