How a Raid 10 Recovery Can Save Your Company

raid10sysWhat happens to your company if you lose all of your valuable data? Studies have shown that companies who experience a hard drive loss or failure will close their doors within a year. Your company is your love, your life. You cannot afford to lose it. If you have employed a RAID 10 (or a RAID 1+0) to hold your valuable data, the chances that something has gone wrong are very rare. But I guess since you are here, it means something has gone wrong.

RAID is a technology that is used to increase the performance and reliability of data storage. What is a RAID 10? It is a method of storing information on multiple hard drives for better protection and in some cases performance. RAID 10 is fast and crashproof, but it uses a significant amount of disk space. RAID 10 works by mirroring your data across at least two disks, and chunks of data can be read and written to different disks simultaneously. But what do you do if you need to recover it?

RAID 10 systems are highly reliable, but not entirely foolproof. RAID 10 systems can lose data due to physical or logical events. With proper system maintenance, data loss is relatively uncommon.

Some of the most common failure scenarios for a RAID 10 include:

  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures Due to Power Surge or Other Event
  • RAID Controller Damage
  • Single Hard Drive Failure After Mirroring Issue
  • Accidental File Deletion
  • File Corruption
  • Virus Damage
  • Partitioning, Formatting or Re-initialization

If something goes wrong with one of the disks in a RAID 10 configuration, the rebuild time is very fast because all that is needed is the copying of the remaining data from the surviving mirror to a new drive.

RAID is not a substitute for a good backup program. If you have not employed a backup system, you are asking for disaster. I have written many articles on the awesome backup services that are available out there today. Many of which are very affordable and easy to use. For complete security, you need to back up your RAID system. Typically backups are held offsite, away from your business location in the event of a natural disaster you can retrieve your valuable and important files and data.

Businesses depend on their servers for day to day operations, and a sudden RAID failure can have disastrous consequences for the success of your business. It is imperative that you contact a qualified professional who has the ability to repair your RAID 10 quickly. I recommend Secure Data Recovery as the industry leader of RAID recovery. They begin each repair with an evaluation that is provided free of charge. You will then receive a comprehensive diagnosis, cost estimate and turnaround time for the repair. Repairs are done in a Certified 10 ISO 4 cleanroom. They clone every drive in your RAID 10 array before beginning any repairs. This method yields a 96% success rate, and they are an SSAE 16 Type II certified company. What this means to you is security, quality and speed of service.

There is no doubt that your company means the world to you. If you have gone to the length of implementing a RAID 10, then it is obvious you care significantly about your data. Start by having a good backup program or service, and if your RAID 10 fails, take a breath and give an industry leader the ability to get you back up and running in the quickest time possible to avoid further complications.

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