How to Find Your Data Again

raidfailThere’s no doubt that technology is advancing with every second of every day. Around the world there are researchers looking to develop the newest cellular device, advancement in medicine, which smartwatch company is on the rise and why the hell people love to watch cats on the internet. With the increase of technology businesses have had to adapt to the changes for risk of being left behind. Larger companies with more money and more staff have been able to stay afloat. Smaller companies have been consumed in the wave of technology and lost to the depths of the digital era.

As businesses advance they are looking for ways to increase their productivity. This can include digitizing the entire process, upgrading computers and software to the newest editions as well as updating servers to handle the new load.

A common server set up is RAID which employs the use of multiple hard drives that allow users to access their stored information faster and allow them to update that same information quickly. There are a variety of set ups and some use mirroring and others stand alone. The important part is that this is the future and with every futuristic thing it can be prone to issues. Nothing is impervious to failure and there will be times that the hard drives that make up the RAID will fail. They can be logistical or physical failures but the fact is that they can happen and no one is safe.

With a RAID failure you’ve got little time on your hands. If you’re using RAID in your business you want the recovery to be swift and precise. You need to find yourself a professional who is trained and experienced with RAID recovery. There is a reason why the average Joe doesn’t use RAID and that’s mainly because there is no need to. Aside from that, it’s not easy creating and maintaining this sort of server set up and specific knowledge is required. If you have a RAID failure you want to ensure you are getting proper recovery and not just asking your friends friend who is kinda good at computers to come and take it apart.

raidrsWhen looking for a RAID recovery service you’ll want the same basics as you would with any hard drive recovery. This means you want a facility that has great security. A lot of places have surveillance along with dedicated key pads for every entrance. This ensures that only the people who are supposed to be in the facility are in the facility and that your data isn’t going to go on an unauthorized field trip.

Along with security you need to have professionals who know what they are doing. Many businesses will list their technicians and the type of education they have. This allows you to get comfortable with who will be touching your stuff. You want to ensure you use a company that has RAID specific experience. It’s not the same as normal hard drive recovery due to the programming and the set ups that are involved with the controller software and your particular RAID design.

And lastly, you want support. You want to be able to contact the people working on your recovery and get an update as to what is happening. Most companies will give very detailed estimates before you even go forward with the job so that there are no surprises. No one wants a surprise bill for work they didn’t even realize needed to be done. A lot of companies will also have 24/7 customer service so that you can always get in touch with someone either on the telephone, through e-mail and even online chat. Technology that won’t let you down.

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