It’s the End of the World as I Know it, and I Feel Fine

hdcIt’s happened. Your computer hard drive has completely bit the dust. It won’t even make grinding noises at you as you try in vain to turn your computer on. That’s it, isn’t it? Your digital world is over. Everything must be lost. All your files, you pictures, your music. Gone. Before you slip into a complete mental breakdown, take a deep breath. Sit up straight. There is hope!

When your hard drive crashes it can feel like your world is ending but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. There are several do-it-yourself options that you can try depending on the problem your hard drive faced before its demise. If you aren’t confident in your technical skills, don’t worry. There are services out there that can help you recover your data.

One such service is provided by a company called Hard Drive Recovery Group. Touted as one of the best in the business their customer service outshines the rest. This company does their best to remove your stress and worry about your files and will even go so far as to give you a detailed and free evaluation. This is a real nugget because if you want to make sure you are paying proper price getting a free estimate tells you exactly what they think is wrong with your machine and how much it will cost to fix that. You can then take that estimate to other companies, if you want to; to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Just by providing that free estimate with their excellent customer service most people wouldn’t bother going elsewhere to see if they can get it cheaper. Remember, cheaper doesn’t always mean better!

So what else does Hard Drive Recovery Group do to be the best in the business? Did we mention their free evaluation? Did we tell you that it was in-lab? This means you send your hard drive to them and they will look at it piece by piece and create an invoice that tells you line by line exactly what is wrong and how much it will cost. This is just such a great service that we can’t help but mention it again.

Aside from that, Hard Drive Recovery Group does more to earn your trust. Their cleanroom is ISO 5 Class 100 certified. This is exceptionally important because hard drives can be extremely sensitive to contaminants. It might not seem like a big deal to the untrained eye, but the fact that Hard Drive Recovery Group designates an entire room and not just a workstation shows how serious they are about protecting your hard drive. They have their room certified every year and display this information on their website.

If you aren’t comfortable sending in your hard drive Hard Drive Recovery Group also does remote recoveries. This is when a trained technician accessed your computer, with your permission of course, through an internet connection to perform logical recoveries. This is when there is nothing physically wrong with your hard drive so this is a good option instead of sending it in. If you don’t want to give someone else access to your computer you can also download Do-It-Yourself software from their site which again is only best for logical recoveries.

If you’ve got a physical issue, trust me when I tell you that you will want to send it in to these guys. Not only are they certified, take their business serious and helpful, their security is top-notch as well. They make their audit reports public so you can see exactly how they operate and they are one of the few to carry the SSAE 16 SOC 3 audit report which is highest level of security certification a data centre can receive. If that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, I don’t know what will.

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