That Feeling When You Lost Your RAID, But Found It Again

raidcThe world now is far more digital than it used to be. We do everything through our smartphones or computers and it’s more common to text each other than actually calling each other on the telephone. Business partners can work together from opposite sides of the world at the same time thanks to the progresses of technology. People store a vast majority of their documents, photos and videos online which also makes it easy to share the information with friends and family all over the world. While these progresses are wonderful and can help businesses speed up their productivity, when these same technologies fail, it can bring everything to a grinding halt.

A lot of businesses use servers to keep their production running smoothly. These are usually housed in that closet you’re not supposed to go into unless you’re the fancy tech support person. The benefits of servers allow employees or just those connected to them to upload and download information and documents much faster than if you were just trying to get it from a singular computer. Imagine ten people connected to the same hard drive. Now all ten of those people are trying to upload or download information at the same time. The routes would be clogged with requests and it would end up taking forever to do that.

Businesses that employ servers have them set up in a RAID formation. This means there are several hard drives in one location that people can use. There are different formations for RAID and they are usually controlled with controller software. RAID 5 and RAID 10 are some of the more common set ups. RAID 10 simply mirrors one set of hard drives with another set which you would think would be super easy to fix if it breaks down. Just swap out the non-functioning hard drive and slip a new one in. Unfortunately it’s not that easy.

raidsvrThe first thing to take into consideration when sending your RAID server out for repair is that you need to ensure that you are using professionals. Hard drive recovery has been a booming business these days but that doesn’t mean all hard drives are the same. When doing your research for a company to recover your information you need to ensure they have RAID specific experience. While RAID servers may just seem like a bunch of hard drives hanging out together they are much more than that and that means you need people who know what they are doing.

No matter what kind of failure you find yourself facing; logistical or physical, you need to ensure the proper steps are taken. The recovery companies who are familiar with RAID and have experience recovering these servers are going to have that information everywhere. They’ll have testimonies on their websites and they might even have references. It’s possible they may have some sort of certification to prove that they have recovered so many RAID servers.

The companies that are the best at saving your information will have more than just RAID recovery experience. They are going to have fantastic facilities and security to make you feel safe sending them your precious information. A lot of them will do preliminary diagnostics for free and give you a comprehensive estimate so that you know exactly how much money it will cost you to fix your server. They will also give you a good timeline and make themselves available every step of the way. They understand that your business rides on them properly fixing your server and they will do their best to fix it properly with trained technicians, resources and experience that you can count on.

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