The Perks of PERC

dellpesvrIt’s been a long time since I’ve worked in a job that doesn’t use a computer of some sort. Even the smallest jobs require data entry or the use of cash registers or some other form of technology. It’s everywhere and those who aren’t able to use it are going to fall behind.

With the increase of technology older methods of data keeping are falling by the wayside. No longer are offices filled to the brim with filing cabinets and bookcases. When people go to meetings they are more likely to grab their smartphone or tablet instead of a pen and notebook. People are less inclined to meet in person and people are now able to share information and hold meetings with those on the complete opposite side of the world.

Even though the filing cabinets and the bookcases are gone the need for storage space has not dwindled, it has just taken on a new form. Businesses have traded their cabinets for servers and have cut back on their office assistants in favour of technical assistants. There are a variety of setups for servers which allow people to access and upload information faster than before. One such configuration can be done with Dell PowerEdge servers. They are a bit special not only because they are Dell, which is a beast all its own, but also due to the controller it uses. Dell calls the controller the PowerEdge RAID Controller or PERC for short. It’s special software designed exclusively for the Dell servers which can come with its own host of issues. Whenever there is something that’s specialized it’s going to take those familiar with the process to fix it if something goes wrong.

Because Dell has created a particular controller you can’t just take your server information to any data recovery centre if you find yourself facing a RAID failure. While the PERC is special, the PowerEdge server is configured into standard RAID setups with RAID5 being the most common one. This means if your servers are facing a logistical failure you want to ensure that your information is being looked at by a professional. You want someone who has experience with the vast array of PERC controller software out there. You want a recovery centre that can handle RAID servers AND the PERC. Don’t settle for one or the other because that’s bound to land you in hot water and possibly lose all your data as it is.

As technology progresses it becomes harder and harder to keep up with it. Technicians are constantly learning in order to stay relevant. It’s not easy for someone who is self-taught or is sort-of good at fiddling to be able to repair something as specific as a Dell PowerEdge server. If you find yourself being faced with a RAID failure you need to ensure that you look into contacting a company that can actually handle your particular set up. If people have the experience, they will tell you. They will share it on their websites and in their information because they know this knowledge is precious.

You want to make sure you hire a company that is experienced with RAID just as much as they are experienced with PERC and Dell PowerEdge. You want the company that has recovered hundreds or thousands, not just tens and twenties. The more experience the better because if you are like most businesses your data is important. It holds everything you need to keep yourself functioning and bringing in money and meeting your quota. You want your data returned to you as soon as possible so you need to ensure you are entrusting it’s recovery to professionals and not hacks.

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